download 40 interview programs for fresher mnc's asked, Search and Replace, Fibonacci, Prime, Duplicate Array etc

At the bottom of the page, We have given a link that consists 40 programs with outputs.  This was mostly asked in MNC’s as well as small level companies. It is a word document file, so you can easily read. The programs like...
1. Fibonacci series
2. Factorial Number
3. Prime Number
4. Armstrong Number
5. Duplicate Array
6. Remove Sapaces in String
7. Search and Replace
8. Pyramid
9. Triangle
10. Swapping without temporary variable
11. Find odd or even without modules % symbel + 29 programs..........

And it consists social messages that used to improve our human being 


Delete saved password in uc browser and also delete history, cookies and cache

Most of the new users are dont know how to delete saved password ,cookies, cache, and browsing history in uc browser. Because uc browser consists more features and every time changed the user interface and option menu when the new version is released. So the users are confused .so now i share to you how to delete saved password, cookies,cache and browsing history in uc browser for all versions.

in my another posts i told to you how to View saved password in uc browser and How to Download Youtube Videos through Ucweb browser? this tricks are helps to you because you are using uc browser.

delete password, cookies,cache,history for uc browser 8.0,8.2, 8.3 and 8.4

in the above all versions are same procedure to delete this.
1. Press menu
2. then press up button
3. Now the menu is displayed then select settings are press 5.
4. now expand the security tab then select clear history

now it displayed in cache, cookies,input history, browsing history and login record(password).tick all or select your choice to delete it.after tick press ok then press save. Thats all now the data's are deleted.

delete password, cache,cookies and history for uc browser 7.9 and lower versions

1. Press menu
2. select tools
3. then select clear history
now it displayed in cache, cookies,history,login record.tick all or select your choice to delete it.After tick press ok and then press save. Thats all now your data's are deleted.

share this post.if any problem related to uc browser then comment here.

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Use keyboard as a mouse if mouse not worked

You can done everything by using mouse.But the mouse are not worked properly or mouse are not available.Then what to do?

in this situation you can use your keyboard as a mouse.it is very simple method and you can access your keyboard like a mouse.

To activate this just press
Alt+Left shift key+num lock
now you can access your keyboard as a mouse.

navigation keys for keyboard

2-move down
8-move up
4-move left
6-move right
for double click,just press the plus symbol(+)
for right click,just press the minus symbol (-)

to deactivate just press same key (i.e., Alt+Left shift key+num lock)

Thats all now you can use your keyboard as a mouse at any time.share this trick and write your comments

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